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JavaScript, jQuery & jQuery Tools in Plone

by Steve McMahon last modified Sep 13, 2012 05:40 PM
This two-day class in using JavaScript with Plone 3 or 4 will cover the creation of interactive elements like overlays, menus, accordions, slideshows and AJAX forms in Plone.


Not currently scheduled. Contact me if you've a group interested in this course.



Steve McMahon, Plone Core Developer responsible for integration of the Plone 4 overlay package. Steve is also the creator of PloneFormGen and maintainer of the Unified Installer.

Topics Covered

  • The basics of JavaScript, focusing on the safe and sane subset of the language that has made JavaScript practical for serious web applications and is part of Plone’s coding standards for JavaScript components;
  • Plone’s framework for including JavaScript into pages and add-on products;
  • The marvelous jQuery JavaScript library, included with Plone since Plone 3.1, that allows you to write unobtrusive JavaScript that works well with CSS and degrades well when JS isn't available;
  • The jQuery Tools kit, included with Plone 4 and easy to use with Plone 3.x, which provides lightweight facilities for overlays, menus, accordions and slideshows.
  • The helpers for overlayed AJAX forms.

The class will combine lecture and exercises.


Visual designers and user-interface implementers


Basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and the Document Object Model. Proficiency is not required.