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Plone Conference Training: The Instructors

Posted by Steve McMahon at Aug 10, 2011 05:35 PM |
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Five two-day training courses will be taught at this year's Plone Conference.

This year's training offering for the Plone Conference brings together some of the best teachers in the Plone community. The training topics are great, but even if you think you're already a wizard in all the class topics, you might want to sign up for a class anyway just to spend a couple of days in a classroom with one of these instructors. They'll not only teach you techniques; they'll also help you organize your Plone expertise. The line up:

Martin Aspeli is our community's most prolific writer, the author of Professional Plone Development, and its forthcoming update for Plone 4.1. Behind the scenes, he's responsible for many of our new framework components and sets the standards for our testing tools. Want to move up to the ranks of Plone development/deployment masters? Spend a couple of days with Martin.

Paul Everitt is a walking encyclopedia of Zope technologies. He's also a legendary speaker and comedian. Paul's students are not only going to get a good, practical introduction to Pyramid; they're also guaranteed to have a great time and learn stories that will have folks buying them beers for years.

Chris Ewing is a tremendously thoughtful and generous teacher. As leader of the ZopeSkel project, he's also been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make it easier to get going with Plone add-on and theme development. Cris puts the same kind of effort into class preparation. You can be sure that he's going to teach the best and easiest way to do things, and explain it well.

Chrissy Wainwright's students from her past Plone Theming classes have a shared secret. They know that Chrissy has distilled years of solid experience of designing and implementing Plone site designs into an amazing two-day package that will help you solve nearly any real-world design implementation problem. Some of the best Plone themers I know have walked out of Chrissy's classes dumbfounded by all the new things they learned.

Steve McMahon (yes, me!) I'll just say that I work hard to make my classes valuable and enjoyable. You can be sure that I'll be well-prepared and will have thought hard about how to keep you awake and amused, as well as informed. I've taught at four prior conferences or symposium, and think I'm getting better at it each time. I first taught Dexterity at this year's Plone Symposium East.