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New developer buildout options in installers

Posted by Steve McMahon at May 12, 2010 11:10 PM |
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Developer-oriented options in the Unified and OS X installers have moved.

Starting with Plone 4.0b3, we've moved the developer-oriented portions of basic Plone setup into a separate buildout configuration file.

That means that the basic Plone buildout configuration that ships with the Unified and OS X installers (and probably the Windows installer in the future) does not include paster and the ZopeSkel template kit.

Instead, these and many other developer-oriented items are now in a new develop.cfg configuration file that extends the basic buildout. So, you may run:

bin/buildout -c develop.cfg

from the top of your install to get a developer kit.

Since develop.cfg extends the base buildout, any changes you make in your buildout.cfg file will be reflected in the results you get when you use develop.cfg.

In addition to the paster/ZopeSkel tools, the developer configuration includes:

  • mr.developer, a tool that automatically checks out source for add ons from a versioning system, then adds them to your development package list.
  • testrunner, which provides a command-line option to run test suites.
  • omelette, which automatically musters python package sources into parts/omelette for easy find / grep access. (Omelette doesn't work with Windows, and won't be included there.)
  • DocFinderTab, which adds a "doc" tab to the ZMI to explore documentation for the current Zope object.
  • More to come. As commonly used developer tools migrate to Plone 4, they may be added to the develop.cfg. We'll add those that have proven reliable and useful for content-type and theme developers.

In case you're wondering, we made these changes just to keep developers on their toes and find out who reads the README files. Actually, that's a lie. The changes were made to give us a good development kit aimed ad content- and theme-level developers without adding any more complexity to the production-oriented basic buildout configuration.