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New fieldsets for PloneFormGen

Posted by Steve McMahon at Jun 17, 2011 04:55 PM |
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The latest beta of PFG has a new fieldset mechanism.
New fieldsets for PloneFormGen

PFG 1.7b4

I've always had mixed feelings about PloneFormGen’s Fieldset Folder feature. There are some nice things about it — like the ability to move a whole fieldset with a single operation — but also annoyances, like needing to drill down to move fields within a fieldset.

More fundamentally, I don't think it’s an intuitive mechanism for PFG's target users. When you’re visually designing a form, a fieldset is a presentation feature, and not necessarily a unit of functionality.

In any case, the Fieldset Folder mechanism now has another problem: it works very poorly with the “quickedit” feature, which was introduced in PFG 1.6 and much enhanced in PFG 1.7 thanks to Manca's GSOC work. I suppose that could be fixed with a large helping of new JavaScript and a lot more visual complexity, but the point of PFG is to be simple (or at least as simple as possible).

So, PFG 1.7b4 has a simple-minded solution. We now have “Fieldset Begin” and “Fieldset End” items that are just markers. All they do is start or end a fieldset. The “Begin” is a little more elaborate as it allows you to set a label and description. The “End” doesn't even have a label.

So, drag them from the toolbox; move them around the form; delete them. All they do is start and end visual fieldsets.

Fieldset Folders are still available, and work as before. You just won't be able to maintain them from the quick editor.

Hope you like the new facility!