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PloneFormGen gittin' to github

Posted by Steve McMahon at Oct 18, 2011 04:35 PM |
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PloneFormGen's repository and issue tracker have moved to github.

Yesterday marked the release of PloneFormGen 1.7b6. I anticipate that we'll have a release candidate shortly. The bigger news, though, is that I finally got some time and moved the PFG version control repository to Github. You'll find it at

Pull requests will be welcome. But, if you're a regular contributor (or think you might be a regular contributor), drop me a note and I'll add you to the collaborator list.

I also opened a new issue tracker at There are two reasons for switching away from the old issue tracker:

  • The social features of github are fun and easy to use. Using the github issue tracker gets all that integrated with the code repository.
  • The old issue repository had gotten to be a mess. That was partially because I didn't get e-mail notifications of new issues for several months. On checking in, I found that many issues in the tracker were long fixed and it was very slow updating them.
The latter reason is basically a plea of "issue-tracker bankruptcy." I guess that's a devops corollary of email bankruptcy. :)