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PloneConf 2013: The Brasília Sprint

Posted by Steve McMahon at Oct 13, 2013 05:55 PM |
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This is not the report out. It's just a glimpse of the excitement.

OK, Plone Conferences are great. Those who missed 2013 don't need to be reminded of that. But you might like to hear more about the post-conference sprint, which felt different than any I remember.

UpstairsThis sprint was just charged with purpose. Nearly everyone wanted to work on Plone 5 and its supporting ecosystem. And, with a little leadership from Timo Stollenwerk, and huge food imports by Davi Lima and Marcio Massa, they just sat down for two days and did it.

At first, I thought that this highly directed energy was due to the fact that we were a small, close group. Then I walked around some more and realized that we had five big rooms of people on two floors, nearly all just knocking down bugs and obstacles with a passion. Through it all, there was a shared feeling that we know what Plone 5 will be and know what each of us needs to do to make it happen.

This is not the formal sprint report out, and it doesn't cover the week of intense work at the Caipirinha sprint that followed. I'm writing this to let everyone know that the drive to finish all the key parts of Plone 5 has begun.

Big things happening

The continuous integration testing framework for P5 is up and running. Timo and David Glick just jumped with excitement when the board lit green with a full suite of running Jenkins tests. Timo also gave us an inspiring breakout on new performance testing tools.

Rok Garbas had his Javacript minions gathered in a room learning the standards and testing regimes for The gospel of Rok: "may all your Javascript be tested."

Nejc Zupan spread the excitement for plone.api to a new generation, and had an RC of 1.0 out during the sprint. plone.api is now complete enough to allow its use for core work -- it's not just for add-ons any longer.

Thanks to earlier sprints, the picture of how and Dexterity will work in Plone 5 is becoming sharp. Plone 5's TTW content type creation capabilities will extend all the way through the standard content types. Philip Bauer is providing great leadership on this.

A personal high point for me was a breakout where a large room of folks very constructively worked through requirements for skeleton generators, templates and installers that will make Plone 5 a quick start for evaluators and developers. Having Cris Ewing, Rok, Sven Strack and Héctor Velarde in same room (along with many others) helped me put together a better picture of how we can make the new developer experience much better for Plone 5.

There was a lot more going on:, documentation, UI team, Plomino. Just buzzing away.

If you've been watching the commit or twitter streams, none of this is a surprise. If you haven't, I hope I've given you a hint of what it all felt like. Plone 5 is happening. It's happening now.