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Plone Symposium South America: Sprint Report

Posted by Steve McMahon at Nov 29, 2010 01:09 PM |
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We had a great two days of sprinting at the end of Plone Symposium South America in Cordoba, Argentina.
Plone Symposium South America: Sprint Report

PSSA Sprinters

Our sprint was held Friday and Saturday, November 26th and 27th, in a beautiful room atop the Windsor Hotel Tower. We had a great view of central Córdoba, and the city's great energy helped keep us in good spirits.

SteveM, Emanuel Sartor, and Chimera all worked on PloneFormGen. Most of this was around merging Manca’s GSOC branch, which adds great new UI to PFG. Work on this included:

  • Branching PFG; trunk is now 1.7dev
  • Merging Manca’s GSOC branch
  • Adapting to use new kit
  • Making the new JavaScript pass jslint tests and generally cleaning it;
  • Making a JS message translation framework, since there are now several messages in the JavaScript.
  • Revising the new browser view that discovers fields to make it more generally useful going forward.
  • Researched jquery tools drag and drop functionality to see if it can be more generally used in PFG (unfortunately, probably not);
  • Worked on PFG quick edit bugs in new code.
  • Stripping old Plone 2.5 compatibility code (PFG 1.6+ doesn’t support Plone < 3.1);

View from a sprintWe got several people up to speed on buildout and bug fixing, and participated in the Plone TuneUp. Emanuel, Diego and Franco fixed bugs.

Roberto Allende worked on his ZODB class browser; he found a good JS library to render panes.

Juan Diaz worked on collective.thememaker with chimera; working on project to be committed to collective.